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A consistent bedtime routine

Creating a predictable bedtime routine helps signal to your little one’s body that it’s time to wind down and prepare for sleep. Establish a soothing routine that includes activities like a sleepy snack and/or milk, a warm bath, story time and cuddles. Little ones thrive on consistency, so stick to the same routine every night.

Think about their sleeping environment

Make sure your little one’s bedroom – or yours if they are under six months – is quiet, cool and dark. You can use blackout curtains or blinds to make it nice and dark. It’s good to make sure it’s dark at nap time too. Consider using a pure white noise – on all night and for naps – if you have a noisy household or neighbours! 

Consider how much day time sleep your little one is having

Little one’s day time needs vary by child but pay attention to age-appropriate nap needs and awake windows – and these change regularly from 4-8 months. A four-month-old would typically need around 3.5-4 hours or daytime sleep whereas an 8-month-old around 2-2.5 hours. Bear in mind this is the average, and some little ones will need more or less than this, plus it depends on how much overnight sleep they are having. Avoid danger naps – even a few minutes – or too close to bedtime, as this can interfere with falling asleep at night.

Activity, exercise and outdoor time

Getting outside can help expend your little one’s energy and promote better sleep. Encourage active playtime during the day, but make sure you avoid any that are too close to bedtime. Engaging in calming activities before their bedtime routine, can help your little one relax before they go to bed.

All of these pointers will help your little one when it comes to early morning waking too. 

Make sure:

    • It’s not too light in their bedroom. 
    • That they have a good nap routine with the right amount of day time sleep for them.
    • They are not going to bed under or over tired – as this will impact what time they wake in the morning. 
    • Be patient and persistent. 
    • Be consistent.

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